Contact us

Do you have any questions? Wanna Request any Anime I will come back to you within a matter of hours to help you.

Where can we contact the web admins?

We are active most of the time in Discord and Telegram

Why is not the Repair Button also not working?

It should work in most cases just wait a moment after clicking it . Clam down Nigga , if it still doesn't work mention the episode name while reporting in webchat or discord or telegram

When will Episode/Movie comeout?

You should know this already but let me say anyway the movie is uploaded after the Bluray release which is after 6-7 months of Theater Release , And the TV episode is uploaded after uploaders encode it (2-3) hours at max

How can i get Free Premium Membership just to try

Dont try convincing we are very cold hearted. But if you invite 10 people to our discord we will give you for 1 month

What are the Features of Premium Membership

We have lots of features like you get you own Personal Chat account ununsable by others ,Totally Free Adstreaming and Unlimited easy Episode Downloading, You wont lose your Watched History even if you clear your browser , discord roles etc.

Can i be the Chat mod

No Fuck you

What are the video Sources

If you want to ask that you should be smart enough to know it.

Anything Else Weirdo?

Nope nothing never mind

Please use this chat box for any issues the conatct form is not working now.

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