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Synposis: Plot Summary: Based on the Kaitou Reinya "nonsensical comedy" four-panel manga. Tanaka Reina, a member of Hello Project's girl band Morning Musume, serves as the inspiration for the main character Reinya, a thief that is the stuff of urban legends. Tanaka (Onegai My Melody Kirara's title character) will play Reinya, a girl who wears a signboard for the Faminya convenience store near a police station by day. By night, she is a whimsical thief chased by bumbling police officers, led by the handsome Keiji-san ("Detective," Okano Kousuke) and the cool Keibu-san ("Inspector," Youki Sou). Joining Reinya on her escapades is her trusty assistant, the mouse Chuutarou (Okano).

Episodes: 12 Aired: Jan 9, 2010 to Mar 27, 2010 Broadcast: Unknown Licensors: None found, add some Source: 4-koma manga Duration: 3 min. per ep.

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